Play Microgaming’s Cashapillar on your mobile

Cashapillar is an astounding and innovative pokies game optimised for mobile by Microgaming. It has 5 reels and gives you 100 betting lines to select. This means you have 100 chances to win the jackpot! This is one of the most exciting games available at online casinos due to the huge winning odds you can choose. The caterpillar has always been a bit of a not so attractive insect but it can bring about the beauty of a multitude of credit to fill up your screen resembling the multitude of feet on the caterpillar symbols of this game.

Entertaining theme

This game is very entertaining with its cute insect themed symbols resembling a caterpillar, beetles, ladybirds and juicy, leafy green plants filling up the Cashapillar screen’s backdrop. It contains all the regular symbols namely A’s, K’s, Q’s, J’s and 10 which usually makes up a poker hand with a caterpillar twist to the characters. The Q for instance has a caterpillar crawling out of it to turn a regular O into a Q. The striking and bold colours give the game a happy and cheerful feel which is enhanced by the happy cartoonlike character of the other symbols.

Animations, graphics and speed

Online pokies have a vast advantage over land based pokies machines as it is easier to keep updated with the latest and best technology on offer with casino style games. The excellent animations of Cashapillar are brought to life with the amazing graphics and speed of this game. You will see the bugs having fun and going about their business while you do the same! The mobile versions of this game also impresses with smooth animations just like the normal machines with the difference of being able to play it on the game.

Designed by the best

Microgaming has been making waves in the casino industry since the launch of the first online casino. They did not only create the first online casino, they have been the first in many new types and versions of games. These developers were the first to offer games which can be played directly on the browser, a multitude of betting lines like Cashapillar, a progressive jackpot, live games with real dealer and other players and also the very popular pokies based on movies, characters and television shows.

Story behind the game

This game features a nice surprise story line. It is the caterpillars’ 100th birthday celebrating which is repeated in the amount of winning lines. There are birthday cakes covered in candles, the caterpillar has a magnitude of presents stacked around him and his birthday guests are ladybirds and beetles. Join in the celebrations by trying all the pay lines at once and see what you may win.

A massive jackpot

Although there are many winning combinations, the big jackpot can be won if you are playing a free spins round when you landed on three birthday cakes. If you hit the jackpot during these free spins, you can win up to a staggering 6 000 000 coins! Try your luck now and you may be the next bug jackpot winner!

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